CNC Boring and Vertical Milling Machine Tool Retrofit &Upgrade Kits

Giddings and Lewis-G&L, DeViliegs, Lucas, Pratt & Whitney, TOS, Gilbert Horizontal, Cincinnati, Supermill, Scharmann, Mitsubishi, Titan, Numura, Toshiba, Horizontal and Vertical Milling Machines. Upgrade your old GETTYS DC servos or Fanuc Yellow/Red Cap servos.

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Our milling machine kits are preconfigured with the most common options and parts you need for retrofitting a milling machine. You can customize these kits to best fit your needs by changing the type of control, the number of your motors and drives, and the size of your motors and drives to whatever you need. You can also add a drive enclosure or a hand held pendant among many other options.

Control kits for other machine types are available here.

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