MachMotion Support Calibrate The Z-Axis


Learn how to easily calibrate the Z-axis on a C.R. Onsrud Panel Pro CNC router.

How To Step-By-Step:

  1. In order to calibrate the z-axis, first find the motor encoder, the gear ratio, and the ball screw pitch. In this example, we have a 24-bit encoder,  a 1-to-1 gear ratio, and a 5mm ball screw pitch.
  2. Then, take that data and enter it into our plug-in, in the software. The software will generate the numbers you need automatically!


Hi everyone, it’s Josiah with MachMotion. We’re about to calibrate the Z-axis on the C.R. Onsrud Panel Pro. So the process we’re going to go through for that is we’re going to take the motor encoder, the gear ratio, and the ball screw pitch and we’re going to plug all that data into our plug-in in the software and it will spit out the number we need. So we know this is a 24-bit encoder on a signal seven motor we have a one-to-one gear ratio up top here and a five-millimeter bolster pitch so without data we can simply plug that into our machine calibration plugin hit select and it will automatically do the work for us.

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