CNC Router Upgrade with Winewrack Style Tool Changer

CNC Router Upgrade with Winewrack Style Tool Changer

Company Overview

  • Mid Missouri Fabrication purchases, brokers, and retrofits old or used machinery.
  • They chose to upgrade a NewCNC router that had a dead control with a MachMotion router controller.
  • The updated NewCNC router with an automatic winewrack-style tool changer was purchased by a custom cabinet maker and is now in production.

Installation Overview

  • Installation Type: Self-Install
  • Upgrade Time: 7 Days


The Story

Mid Missouri Fabrication is a small company here in central Missouri that purchases, brokers, and retrofits all kinds of CNC and fabrication equipment. If you have a machine you no longer need or are looking to expand your business, Mid Missouri Fabrication would love to talk with you.

CNC machines with text overlay

Mid Missouri Fabrication purchased a used NewCNC router (I guess a NewCNC router is never old… they just don’t work forever with the original control system).

NewCNC routers are based out of Holland, MI where NewCNC builds a collection of different production machines for the wood industry. Collectively their team has over 70 years of designing, building, and operating CNC machining and other automated production machines.

Overall, the mechanical body of the machine was in good condition. The spindle motor worked well and the original Yaskawa motors were in great condition. Besides a few minor mechanical issues that they quickly resolved, the reason this machine was no longer in production was because of the original control. The original NewCNC router control running Mach3 had failed. The PLCs were not working and the machine was useless.

Rather than scrap the entire machine, Mid Missouri Fabrication purchased a MachMotion router controller and installed it in place of the original CNC control. As an experienced MachMotion installer, Mid Missouri Fabrication was able to re-use the original electrical enclosure and wiring to reduce costs. They wired in all the limit switches, tool changer inputs and outputs, and any other I/O to the new controller.

Using the simple excel sheet based winewrack tool changer setup, they were able to quickly get the original tool changer working.

Spreadsheet detailing toll changer setup.

Here’s a picture of the 8 pocket winewrack tool changer after it was configured: 

Winewrack Style Tool Changer on Router

Using the simple step by step wizards, Mid Missouri Fabrication also set up an automatic tool setter. 

Tool Setter Wizard Setup Tool Setter Wizard

Here’s a picture of setting up their tool with the auto tool setter: 

Up-close image of tool setter

Checkout a video of the finished NewCNC router retrofit with the winewrack tool changer here:

MachMotion CNC Router Control Demo

Rather than letting a quality machine be scrapped, Mid Missouri Fabrication they had the vision to restore the machine and give it a second life. For less cost than buying new router, the custom cabinet maker was able to purchase a quality upgraded NewCNC router with a support team behind it.

Get your CNC Router updated and running again quickly! You can do a self installation similar to this or you can have the MachMotion team do it all. Learn more here: Standard MachMotion Router Kit

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