AXYZ 8012 Turnkey CNC Router Upgrade w/ Two Spindles

AXYZ 8012 CNC Router Upgrade w/ Two Spindles

Company Overview

Pro-Mec Engineering Services, Inc is an industrial engineering service provider. Their AXYZ 8012 cnc router was on its last leg with a dying control without replacement parts. After a turnkey upgrade, they were able to get back to production with a supported CNC control running the latest technology.


Installation Overview

  • Installation Type: Turnkey
  • Upgrade Time: 5 Days
  • From Order to Running Machine: 8 Weeks


The Story

Pro-Mec Engineering Services, Inc is a leading provider of industrial and commercial services based in Grand Ledge, Mich. Their multi-faceted firm does everything from field turnkey installations to truck body or tank fabrication. They are a UL 508A industrial control panel fabricator and are even a certified Ignition integrator.

Here is an example of their quality manufacturing:

Scrubber Unit Fabrication in Pro-Mec Manufacturing Facility

Pro-Mec’s AXYZ router was running the original handheld AXYZ’s AMC control pendant. You had to physically connect the CNC controller pendant to a PC to import your DXF file. You couldn’t change the spindle RPM and you had very little control over the cutting speed. And there was no easy way to refinish their spoiler board. But the clincher was the AXYZ’s AMC control was dying. The router manufacturer AXYZ was running out of replacement parts so there was not easy solution.

AXYZ Old Handheld Control

Pro-Mec Engineering Services, Inc contacted MachMotion to see what their options were. With consideration for their budget, they decided to stick with stepper motors on the machine instead of upgrading to servos for their retrofit. They also decided to do a turnkey installation so they didn’t have to worry about the upgrade process.

As soon as the upgrade was official, MachMotion sent a technician to Pro-Mec to inspect the machine. All of the information needed to design an upgrade package for this specific machine was collected.

Here is a picture of their original electrical enclosure:

AXYZ 8012 Old Electrical Enclosure

Here are their original spindle motor VFDs on their AXYZ 8012 CNC Router:

AXYZ Old Spindle Motor VFDs


With the information in hand, the upgrade package was engineered. Here is a small section of the bill of materials for the upgrade package that would be used for MachMotion’s production team:

AXYZ 8012 BOM for MachMotion Production Team


The upgrade package was built, setup, and tested.

AXYZ Router MachMotion Upgrade in Testing


Here is a final picture of the electrical enclosure before shipping to Pro-Mec Engineering Services, Inc:

AXYZ Router MachMotion Upgrade Electrical Enclosure


When the scheduled downtime arrived, everything had been received at Pro-Mec Engineering Services, Inc and the installation was on it’s way. The original motors, electrical enclosure, and spindle VFDs were all removed.

AXYZ Turnkey Router Installation - Removing Old Components


The new electrical enclosure and regenerative resistors were mounted to the machine.

AXYZ Turnkey CNC Router Upgrade


Pro-Mec Engineering Services, Inc had requested for the new Router CNC control to be mounted to the wall of their plant.

AXYZ Turnkey Router CNC Control Mounted

Finally, the machine was back online and ready for production.

AXYZ 8012 CNC MachMotion Router Turnkey Ready


Pro-Mec Engineering Services, Inc had a CNC Router that had a dying control and, rather than scrapping or selling the machine, they had the vision to restore the machine and give it a second life. For less cost than buying new router, Pro-Mec Engineering Services, Inc made sure that production never stops on their machine.

Follow Pro-Mec Engineering Services, Inc’s example and do not wait until you have a dead machine. According to AXYZ themselves, “The availability of parts for these legacy systems is dwindling rapidly. While the AMC has proved to be a reliable component, the time to replace the control system is now.”

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