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MachMotion 2000 Series Control Overview

MachMotion's Newest Control 

All of MachMotion's 2000 Series controls come with the newest control software, built on Mach4. Mach4 CNC control software is built as a full featured CNC controller capable of high speed machining for servo and stepper applications. With MachMotion, you get a highly reliable, industrial control solution for standard machine types and custom applications.



Smart Navigation

Large 21" touchscreen with menu driven tabs enables you to easily switch between g-code, tools, fixtures, and service quickly.

Advanced Connectivity

Every control includes Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity so you can access your existing shop network and the MachMotion Support Team.

Familiar Operation

The Windows 10 interface with a standard wireless QWERTY keyboard and mouse give you an environment that is already familiar. No need to learn how to navigate with function buttons or styluses.

Let's Get In Touch

Call me at (573) 368-7399 or enter your name and number here and I'll get back with you within a few business hours.

 (Software Installation instructions)

Mach4 Industrial by Newfangled Solutions

Newfangled Solutions is our exclusive CNC software partner. WIth Mach4 as our foundation, we're able to deliever an exceptional, industrial CNC machine tool control experience. Mach4 is the central interface for all our control products integrating all motion device, modbus, plc, and I/O data. We value their commitment to continuously develop this product.

For those familiar with Mach3, which had it's known limitations, Mach4 is completely new software and has less than 1% of the programming code in common with Mach3. It was written from the ground up to be expandable, flexible, and extremely responsive for use with very large files. Mach4’s modular design allows features to be added and removed without affecting the systems operation. This aspect greatly enhances the flexibility for different applications, machines, and uses.

Mach4 allows us to build controls capable of executing complex gcode yet still be easy to learn and use. This gives our industrial machine tool controls the abilities such as high-speed machining, parametric and macro b programming, probing, and more with continued development.