Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Customized Control Solution’s for the following Types of Automated Machines

MachMotion Has Provided Customized Control Solution’s for the following Types of Automated Machines

  • Milling Machine
  • Lathes/Turning
  • Router
  • Plasma & Oxy Fuel
  • WaterJet
  • OD/ID, Centerless and Surface Grinders
  • Tube bender
  • Foam wire Cutting
  • Pipe Coping
  • Press Brake
  • Metal Spinning Lathes
  • Glue/material dispensers
  • Liquid dispensing machines
  • Personnel door manufacturing machines
  • Wood turning machines
  • Metal cutting saws
  • 4 Axis glass cutting machines
  • Architectural Glass grinding machine
  • Stone cutting machines
  • Weld fixture machine
  • Material positioners
  • Metal extrusions machine
  • Automatic weld Positioners
  • Cnc Welding Machines
  • Polygon Turning/Grinding
  • Gantry Type Machines
  • Custom tool grinding machines
  • Knife/Serrated edge grinders
  • Compactor machine
  • Part engraving machines
  • Automated tile Cutting machine
  • Laser belt cutting
  • PCB drill machine
  • Tangential Knife cutting
  • Your Automated Machine

A Revolution in Custom CNC Automation

For years, the CNC motion control industry has forced machine manufacturers to do things backwards. First you had to shop around for a motion control system with limited features. Then you had to build your machine around the control you found.

But what if you could start by building your machine EXACTLY the way you want … and then get a control system customized, at an affordable price, with the features needed to automate your custom built machine?

With advancements in software technology and MachMotion’s engineering excellence, we now make that possible!

Our team is here to help and listen (and even assist with engineering advice when requested) to provide you with flexible and affordable CNC automation solution custom engineered for virtually any machine and manufacturing process. Our solutions bridge the gap between PLC motion control and conversational, user friendly CNC control systems.

(By the way, a common concern that general Motion Control and Automation companies have is a lack of familiarity with G&M-Codes. Don’t worry! Even though all our CNC Controls run G-code, in custom applications you’ll generally never see code or have to work with it. The G-code files are being run behind the scenes with a custom screen on the front end.)

Are you an OEM or Integrator? We can work with you to help you serve your customers better. We’re a one stop shop for OEMs/Integrators and offer flexible solutions that let you adapt to any job that comes through the door. If you’d like to find out how we can help you be even more valuable to your customers, give us a call at 573-368-7399.

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