Simplify Your Process

Simplify Your Process

  • A modern control is easier to use and reduces the onboarding time for your team.
  • Often an operator is back making parts in 2-4 hours after an upgrade.
  • MachMotion’s simplified conversational interface makes it easy for anyone to program any part.

Are you wasting time with poor navigation?

  • Poor navigation is time consuming and makes training difficult.
  • With MachMotion you get Windows-style navigation that’s self-explanatory – You get it without reading a manual.
  • With big “Name Brand” PLC-based controls you have to go 4-6 layers deep to change the grind settings – With MachMotion, operators will never feel lost again.

Simple Grind Calibrate Setup

  • Single page part setup with only a few clicks.
  • The operator can quickly setup the part and save time.
  • Easy to modify/change offsets (single page).

Simple Dresser Setup   

  • Jog /Teach moves – Teach the location of the dresser.
  • Simple graphics with teach options to setup safety clearances.
  • Easily define all basic wheel types with simple parameters.


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