Knee Mill: Speed Up Your Process

Speed Up Your Process

Add functionality to your current machine – automatic tool setter, probe, or 4th axis rotary table.

Each day you fire up your machine, get right to cutting with your absolute encoders.

Access every page in a maximum of two clicks.

Upgrade Options to Improve Your Mill’s Capabilities

  • Add a 4th axis rotary table
  • Speed up your tool setup with an automatic tool setter
  • Add dual loop scale feedback to increase your resolution

Minimize Setup Time with Optional Probe

Set your X, Y, and Z zero with one button press

Simple jog and save to align your vice or part

Save Time by Never Losing Position

  • Each day you fire up the control, get right to cutting with your absolute encoders
  • Each motor memorizes its location so there’s no need to home
  • No need to wire up limit switches or home sensors

Automatic Spindle Speed Control

  • Change your spindle speed on your screen or automatically in your program
  • Adjust your spindle override on the operator panel
  • Monitor your spindle load on the screen

Easy Speeds and Feeds Adjustments

  • Feed override knob makes it easy to make fine adjustments
  • Rapid override buttons allows for quick changes
  • Personalize your own feed override max and rapid percentages

Manual Knee Mill CNC Conversation Option

  • X, Y Ball screws, Mill Size, 9×42 , 9×48 , 10×50 , 10×54 , 12×58
  • X, Y Servo Motor Brackets / Ball screw End supports
  • Z CNC quill drive kit


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