MachMotion CNC Router Controller Upgrade with Keyboard and Mouse

Simple, Modern CNC Router Controller Upgrades

Let MachMotion guide you through the easy process of retrofitting your CNC router controller on your own or by our installation experts. Request a quote now to see how you can improve your router machine!

MachMotion Upgraded CNC Router Controller Cutting A Woodblock
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Lifetime Remote Support

Our lifetime support & remote diagnostic services are no additional charge. Troubleshoot your upgraded CNC router by remote login, email, or phone. Our highly-trained experts are here to assist you - no automated bots here!

MachMotion Installation Experts Working On a Thermwood CNC Router Controller Retrofit
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Professional Installation

Updating your CNC router has never been easier when our team is on your side! MachMotion assures you your CNC router will be production-ready with our professional CNC retrofit installation & onsite commissioning.

MachMotion Upgraded CNC Router With New Control
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Easy-To-Use CNC Router Controller

Get the best cutting experience with your CNC router! Our smart CNC router controller is intuitive & easy-to-use with any level of CNC experience. We make it simple to transition to a new control!

MachMotion All Inclusive CNC Retrofit Kit


We provide turnkey packages to make it easy for you to get back to production quickly & efficiently! You won’t have to assemble a box of 1000 parts & pieces on your own. Preassembled & quality tested, each CNC router controller package comes ready to install. This helps us guarantee installation goes smoothly, whether you choose to self-install or hire our team of CNC retrofit experts.


21″ touch-screen CNC router controller
Wireless pendant
Pre-wired & labeled electrical panel
Yaskawa servo drives & motors
Control mounting & stand options
1-Year Warranty
MachMotion Upgrades Production Ready Guarantee


MachMotion guarantees you your CNC router will be production-ready, whether you opt for a turnkey installation or onsite commissioning. If anything fails after the first 90 days of our CNC router upgrade, we will come on-site for NO CHARGE to fix it if an on-site visit is required. We guarantee we will get your CNC machine production-ready!


Improve productivity with any brand of CNC router, such as:

MachMotion CNC Router cuts wood with chips flying
  • Thermwood
  • CamTech
  • CNT Motion
  • K2CNC
  • Torchmate
  • Laguna
  • C.R. Onsrud
  • Gerber
  • Shop Sabre
  • Northwood
  • Omnitech
  • Titan
  • KOMO Machine
  • Biesse Group
  • Axiom
  • Tigertec
  • Royce
  • AUTO-Motion
  • AXYZ
  • MultiCam
  • ESAB
  • Routermate
  • Digital Tool
  • & many more!

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