Alexsys - Lathe

Alexsys™ Lathe

Conversational Programming Assistant Alexsys™

Alexsys is a simple conversational package for CNC turning machines. Classic conversational programming ease is combined with the visual assistance of simple CAD. Stand right at the control and start creating parts!

#1 Select Your Desired Cycle

  • Simply select your cycle from a list of the standard lathe cycles.

#2 Sketch Your Part Shape

  • Sketch the part profile referencing your blueprint
  • Enter in final coordinates

#3 Simulate Tool Path

  • Verify tool is clear of collisions
  • Confirm cycle works as planned
  • Find cycle time estimates

#4 Cut Your Part

  • Touch off part
  • Press cycle start

#5 Simple Drawing Import

  • Open file
  • Position over stock
  • Add cutting operation


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