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Our Story

Our Story

Our History

Our company began as just a father and son retrofitting machines. Over time it emerged with a competitive advantage in designing and fabricating CNC controls. However, a four brother team is still the core of our company along with a growing team of employees.

It all started back in 1999 when we were asked to retrofit some CNC machines. This started us in the CNC and motion control world. After the first couple of projects we found a niche market and began fabricating a custom control which has been sold all over the world. In 2006 we could see our niche market was nearing saturation in the continental states and we wanted to keep growing, so we started looking for other ways we could serve more customers.

About that time a local machine shop owner asked us to help him set up the Mach3 CNC control software on some of his machines. As we helped the local shop we saw how much trouble people had to go through. Before they even got started, they had to dig through tons of information to sort out all the different options.

Next, they had to figure out how to interface each component together. There was no place where they could easily get what they needed at the budget they had to work with. That is when we saw our opportunity to serve the CNC industry using our experience in mechatronics to create a CNC control that can work with any machine and to provide kits and supplies for the CNC world.


Quality CNC control products at excellent prices

Our Goals

We want to offer our customers quality CNC control products at excellent prices. We also want to enable anyone to retrofit or build machines without a lot of "Electrical CNC know-how." We are continually developing our controls and products with the goal of making them easier to install and setup.


Our Mission

MachMotion exists to help manufacturers bridge the workforce gap by simplifying CNC to keep American manufacturing thriving.