We Care About Machine Control

Since 1999, the founders of MachMotion have worked tirelessly to provide the best solutions to our customers and partners. We have continued to innovate our products and services to give you simple, yet powerful machine tool control. Our hope is to always offer a control solution that is easy to learn and work with. 

Our Values:

These values are more than just talk. We look for these values in people when we hire and talk about them daily to ensure we continue to live by them.

Meet Our Executive Team:

Dave Eldredge

Dave is President and founder of MachMotion. From a young age, Dave has had passion for mechanical design and problem solving. His hands on experience in areas of manufacturing and machine design is used to help others build their designs. Dave oversees MachMotion's mechanical design department, sales engineering, and business development. He enjoys tinkering with motorcycles, ATVs, or anything with a motor in it, flying RC planes, and riding his golf cart to the local park with his sweet wife, Rebecca, and two kids.

Nathan Ayres

Nathan is Director of Sales & Marketing and leads our Human Resources team at MachMotion. He exercises his nerdy side with business and data analytics. Nathan holds a Nuclear Engineering B.S. and M.B.A. from Missouri S&T. You can usually find him playing guitar, reading, or working outside listening to a podcast. Nathan is married to his lovely wife, Christina, and has two children.

Carl Eldredge

Carl is Director of Product Development at MachMotion. He has the privilege of setting priorities for our adept team of programmers and is the one who lets you know when you will get that new feature you've always wanted. He hold an Electrical Engineering B.S. and M.S. from Missouri S&T. In addition to project management, he loves business strategy. He recently got married, and enjoys hiking, reading, playing guitar, and singing with his wife.

Eirkur Crockett

Eirkur is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at MachMotion and manages the financial strategy. He holds CPA licenses from California issued January 31, 2003 and Missouri issued September 15, 2015. Eirkur holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of California, Riverside and graduated summa cum laude (GPA of 4.0). He is married and has two children, a boy and a girl.

Joel Eldredge

Joel is Production Manager and our resident computer expert. Joel works to keep production running smoothly, parts arriving on time, and orders shipping on time. He likes to keep up to date on the latest tech and see how our control could benefit. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.

Andrew Eldredge

Andrew is Senior Software Developer at MachMotion and directs the strategic development of our control software. He works hard to make sure our control is designed well with quality code and remains usable and easy to learn. He enjoys romantic dinners and long walks on the beach. He's married and has 4 children.

Services We Offer:

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