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Operator Panel X15-10-01

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Operator Panel


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Quick Overview

The MachMotion Operator Panel provides a very simple and efficient interface to control your machine. It enables you to operate your machine directly without having to use a mouse to navigate around. You can jog the axes, change the jog and feed rate, start and stop your programs, and flag an emergency condition.

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Rugged Machine Operator Panel, Axis Jog Buttons, Axis Selector, Increment Selector, Jog Speed Selector, Cycle Start, Feed-hold and Emergency Stop Buttons, Pendant Connector.

Product Details

The MachMotion Operator Panel provides several features available through the Mach3 control. The panel provides jog buttons, a feed rate override dial, and an axis selector for the jog buttons. Industry standard emergency stop and cycle start buttons are provided for safe control of your machinery.


•Jog Buttons
•Axis Selector
•Feedrate Control
•Jog Selector
•1 Cycle Start Button
•1 Feed Hold Button
•1 E-stop Switch


Jogging – The two jog buttons allow you to jog each axis either direction.  

Axis Selector - The selector allows for up to 6 axes and also includes an Off position to allow for other forms of jogging.

Feedrate Control – With the federate control you can adjust the federate from 0% to 130%.

Jog Selector – The jog selector allows you to switch between two jog modes, continuous and step. Step jogging provides accurate distance movement of the selected axis and has 5 selectable jog increments. In continuous jogging, the operator’s panel provides smooth axis movement where the speed of movement is determined by the jog selector (2% to 100%).

Cycle Start, Cycle Hold - Cycle start and Cycle hold push buttons are provided to make it easier to control the machine.

Emergency Stop Switch – The Emergency Stop switch is provided for safety.


This control includes a software plug-in to interface the Operator Panel with Mach3.

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