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Interpreter 1000

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Interpreter 1000 Motion Controller


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Quick Overview

The Interpreter 1000 is an Ethernet based motion controller for controlling analog drives and motors, data acquisition, and general PID control. Utilizing the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, the Interpreter 1000 offers the highest performance in its class.

Only available with purchase of a control. Please call to order.

If you have a machine with good analog drives and motors but with a bad CNC control, this is a cost effective way to get your machine back in working order. You will need a computer and a licensed copy of Mach3.

We also sell this controller with our analog CNC controls. Using our controls along with the Interpreter makes it much easier to setup and use because we preconfigured everything for you.


Interpreter 1000 Package Includes:

~Interpreter 1000
~15' Cat5 Cable to Interface to PC
~Power Cable
~XML file for Mach3 (Pre-configures Mach3 CNC control software to recognize I/0)



~Ethernet 100Mb connectivity using TCP/IP interface
~Wide input power range 10-40VDC
~Simple UDP Socket Programming Interface
~Visual Studio 2008 DSPMC .Net Managed Library for C#, C++, and VB.Net Software Developers
~Standalone Operation by programming the unit with BASIC programming language
~Full Spindle feedback with encoder A, B, and I for superior performance
~Spindle output with + or -10v or 0 to +10 output
~Can be set to home off of Index pulses from servo motor and or limit switch
~2 Handwheel inputs for jogging
~Full Backlash compensation (With dual loop (linear scale) feedback soon to come!)
~Built in 24v DC power supply
~Built in din rail for mounting extra relays
~Relay outputs (Expandable)
- - R1 Enable
- - R2 M3 Spindle Forward
- - R3 M4 Spindle Reverse
- - R4 M7 Mist
- - R5 M8 Coolant


Input and Output List

~8 Channels Servo Drive Analog Outputs, Range ±10V, 16-Bit Resolution
~8 Differential Quadrature Encoder Inputs. 32-Bit Resolution
~8 Step and Direction Channels. Upto 2MHz Step Frequencies (Available soon with software upgrade)
~8 Channels Analog Inputs, Range ±10Volts, 16-bit Resolution (7762M Only)
~4 Mhz Encoder frequency. Encoder resolution multiplied by 4 thru Hardware
~96 Digital I/O (64 Inputs & 32 Outputs)



- Windows XP Operating System or Newer
- Ethernet Port
- 1Ghz CPU
- 512MB RAM
- Non-Integrated Video Card with 32MB RAM
- Basic Computer Skills (ability to copy/rename files, browse directories, etc)
- Desktop PC if using the Mach3 Driver (Laptops are not supported because the power saving features of the chipsets disrupt the pulse stream)
- Mach3 CNC Control software


Interpreter 1000 User Manual 7761
Download PDF
Interpreter 1000 User Manual 7762
Download PDF
Interpreter 1000 Firmware & Plugin
Download Zip

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