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6AMP Stepper Drive

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6 AMP Stepper Drive


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Quick Overview

For use with any stepper motors we sell. These drives are very easy to set up and use. They do not need any additional power supplies, you can wire 110VAC directly into the drive.

If you buy this drive with our stepper motors we will pre configure the drive to the motor, and pre-wire the motor to the drive.

Also if you buy this drive with our IO6 Breakout Board or with one of our Digital CNC Controls we offer a cable to plug the drive directly into our breakout board.


  • Low noise and high effective work
  • With wide working voltage range
  • Flexible Settings
  • Perfect protection and Phase controlled circuit break functions


  • Differential step & direction
  • Enable input
  • Input Voltage 110V- 120VAC
  • Motor Interface port
    • 2-phase, 4 wire motor, connect with driver directly
    • 4-phase, 6 wire motor, do not connect the middle two wires, and connect the other 2 wires
    • 4-phase, 8 wire motor, winding and pairwise parallel connection, then connect with driver

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6 AMP Stepper Drive

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Stepper Drive Setup Guide
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Stepper Drive Wiring Diagram
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