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MachMotion designs, builds, and supports CNC Kits, controls, and products for OEMs, machine shops, and hobbyists. If you are wanting to build your own machine or retrofit your CNC machine, give us a call today! Each of our CNC kits, controls, and products are designed for a specific type of machines. We have kits for milling machines, lathes, routers, plasma tables, oxy fuel tables, water jets, tube benders, grinders, and more! You can customize these kits to fit your exact requirements. Select from a category below to learn more:

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Each of our CNC kits include a control, drives, motors, a mounting arm, and other components depending on the type of machine. We have kits designed for specific types of machines and can customize a kit to meet your needs.


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Our CNC controls can be used for controlling both digital and analog drives. If you already have drives and motors, use our CNC controls. Click here if to see if your drives will work with our controls .


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Our drives and motors include spindle drives, servo drives, servo motors, stepper drives, and stepper motors. All our drives and motors work with any of our digital CNC controls. Gearboxes and VFDs are available in many different options. Click here for a servo drive and motor comparison


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Our CNC parts & accessories include mounting arms, stands, switches, cables, breakout boards, software, motor mounts, and everything else relating to our CNC controls and CNC kits.