Wiring a PNP Proximity Switch on an Apollo III

Summary of video: This short video shows you how to wire in a PNP proximity switch onto MachMotion’s Apollo III boards.

Video Transcript:

0:07 Today, we're going to be talking about how to wire in a PNP proximity switch onto MachMotion Apollo boards. Some machine applications do not work well with mechanical limit switches, so you can also hook up a PNP proximity switch to the Apollo series boards.;

0:22 So this is a PNP proximity switch that can be used for limit switch or home switch applications as well as tool change, or other sensing tasks. Proximity switches differ from limit switches in that they have three wires instead of just two. So, to wire it in, there's going to be a ground, so we’ll wire that into the ground terminal. You have a 24-volt input that we'll put into the C-0++ here. And then you have your signal, which we're going to wire into X5.

1:08 The way it works, is when the proximity switch gets close to a piece of metal, it senses it. The LED turns on, here, both on the switch, and on the board right there. Now you know how to wire up a proximity switch to the Apollo series breakout boards. If you want to find out more about it, watch our other videos, or contact us, or go to MachMotion.com.