CNC Lathe/Turn Control Video

Summary of videoThis video is a three minute walk through of

 The demonstration shows a concise but quick demonstration of how the turn control works.

Video Transcript:

0:02: Hi. We just want to give a quick overview today of the MachMotion 1000 Series Turn Control. To start off, we have a locked and unlocked DRO screen up here in the top right. So in this lock screen, these fixture offsets cannot be changed, but here on the locked screen, you can manually change the offset. You can also click, "Zero z." 

0:30 We also have tool information right here, feed rate display, and override, and then spindle display and override. Down here in the bottom right, we have machine function buttons: so mist, coolant, some auxiliary buttons the user can set up. We also have spindle buttons to manually turn the spindle on and off. Down here in the bottom portion, we have a G Code tab to load, and edit, and close G Code files; an advanced tab with some advanced run options, and tool path limits. We also have an MDI tab that you can manually enter in a line of G Code. Let's add another one here. Make it, "Z, limit of two." Oops. Try, "Z." One last time; here we go. 

1:27 We also have an onscreen jogging available. Here, and then of course, machine control, cycle control buttons, cycle start, stop, reset, and disable and enable for the system. Last but not least, we do have a tool path display up here that will show the tool path when a program's loaded and our MachMotion Can Cycles. This is something we've built and generated. We will have further videos to really show how to use these and how they work, but today I just have an example of a couple turn cycles for an OD and an ID. 

2:02 If I post this program, we'll see the tool path now, and go back to the G Code tab, and we'll see the G Code Generator right here. But, we can easily set up—kind of see that axis on there but if I zero right there, and I zero the "Z" just a little bit off, and modify that, I can regenerate the tool path and so on. Ready to hit "Cycle Start."

2:40 You can see the machine access indicator move around as it's going through the tool paths. That concludes the program. Again, that's just a quick demo of our control. We'll have future videos come out that would further explain tool setup and of course, the MachMotion Can Cycles, among other things. Thanks.