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Zoltan's Socially-Distant Self-Install

Zoltan's Socially-Distant Self-Install

In an effort to navigate the unchartered territory of COVID-19, Zoltan, who runs an architectural metal fab shop, started to explore new avenues of production. Though they have extensive experience forging ornamental metal fixtures, they had zero experience in CNC machining. To keep their team going, Zoltan began building a cantilever CNC router out of scrap they had laying around the shop. However, because they had no experience with CNC, Zoltan needed a partner.

They reached out to MachMotion to discuss the best control solution for them. We were able to help source the rack and pinion mechanics, engineered correct servos for the machine and built a pre-wired electrical enclosure for his machine's new MachMotion control. With the help of our remote support team, we were able to deliver a self-installed CNC solution, along with a remote tutorial, without ever having to go onsite!

MachMotion has spent the last 20 years developing a product and process that allows us to quickly design and deliver a control solution to any CNC grinder, mill, lathe, waterjet or router.... Even during these uncertain times. How can we help you get back up and running?

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