1. Lansing Tad FS 750 Facing T Lathe Install in New Derry, PA

    Lansing Tad FS 750 Facing T Lathe Install in New Derry, PA

    Machine Rebuilders CNC has been performing machine repairs and control upgrades for 30 years and has vast experience giving old iron a new life. When Machine Rebuilders began to realize their need for advanced controls and custom software setup, they found MachMotion.

    Because each system requires a different controls setup, and with technology ever-changing and developing, it was important to Machine Rebuilders that they would be able to install a control that they felt confident in… One they knew the provider would stand behind and support for years to come. When Machine Rebuilders reached out to MachMotion, our engineering team was able to help them size servos and a new VDF to replace the old DC spindle. After discussing the turn-key installation options, Machine Rebuilders invited us to do a 3-day onsite install and power-up in New Derry, PA.

    In preparation for the install, Machine Rebuilders set up the new servo motors; replaced the DC spindle with the new AC motor; installed the control and electrical enclosure; and pulled the main cable set to the enclosure. Day one of the install, the MachMotion sales engineer helped terminate all the machine electrical in the electrical enclosure. The following day, we worked together to button up some final electrical work and started powering up the controls. It took a few hours to check rotation on coolant, hydraulic, lube pump, and diagnose a faulty solenoid, but eventually we began servo tuning and powered up the spindle. On the final day of the onsite install, we ran test programs and set up IO integrations for door switch, spindle jog and the lower table brake.

    Machine Rebuilders was able to get their machine up and running to the exact specifications they needed, and we’re already looking forward to the next opportunity to work together.

    Machine Rebuilders is a full service rebuild shop as well as a new machine dealer, and custom machine builder. If you're looking for a rebuilder in the New Derry, PA area we would definitely recommend you go check them out!

    "Are your machine tools in need of repair, accuracy alignment, or refurbishment? Whether you require complete Way alignment and refurbishment, electrical system repairs, bed way alignment, or replacement of a part no longer manufactured, Machine Rebuilders, Inc. will have you back in business without breaking the bank!"


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  2. MachMotion Lathe/Turn - With Smart Interactive Conversational Turn Cycles

    21" Touch Screen makes this controller fun to make parts. • Easily sketch your part, add dimensions and Generate Tool path • Intuitive graphical interface for creating common operations: Turning, grooving, threading, center drilling, cut-off operation, positioning, custom G-codes • Program from the blueprint to the part right at the machine • DXF/DWG import and canned cycles save you time • 3D solid simulation • Basic CAD editor for quick programming • Thread database for the most used thread tables • Available off-line programming
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  3. Model Master Milling machine

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