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From Washington to Wisconsin

Confidence when purchasing a used CNC machine

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In this article we tell the story of a customer who traveling from Washington to Wisconsin to buy a CNC plasma machine sight unseen and how he was able to make the right decision to purchase the machine.


An interview with a customer tells a story of traveling from Washington to Wisconsin to buy a plasma machine they had never seen before and had very little information about the CNC Plasma machine. How he was able to get the right information in a short amount of time to make the right decision in buying the CNC plasma machine.

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The Journey

I had just finished an interview with a gentlemen that decided to buy a plasma machine and a retrofit kit solely based on MachMotion's website and their sales team and here is his story…

A gentlemen travel from Washington state to Wisconsin to buy a plasma machine that a utility company had up for sale. Having never seen the machine in person and after arriving on sight, he found that the machine would need a retrofit badly. The machine was not only in bad condition but also very old. Another interested party had an appointment to see the machine after him, about a half an hour later.  He had 15 minutes to decide if he wanted the machine or not.

*Bonus did you know: Global production value of machine tools between 2011 and 2016 are just under 75 billion dollars.

He quickly Google searching “Plasma Retrofits” and found MachMotion on the first page as well as a number of other competitors. Hastily he click on the competitors links, but found they were either not mobile friendly, had poor documentation or couldn’t find the estimated price and were very difficult to navigate, in one case he had called and they told him they would call him back later that week.

*Bonus did you know: Google acquires a new company each week on average. YouTube was bought for 1.6 billion dollars over a lunch meeting at Denny's in 2006.

The Destination

Frustrated with the results he gave a one last ditch effort visiting MachMotion website. To his delight he found their page was mobile friendly, Easy to navigate, had plenty of documentation and found an estimated price and lead time for his retrofit kit that he needed. He had about 5mins before the other buyer was going to show up and had to make a decision.

Franticly he called MachMotion and immediately Matt answered the phone, the man was quickly calmed and confidante within 5 mins of talking to Matt that the price and retrofit was a perfect fit for him and the machine. He quickly turned around and bought the machine in the nick of time.

The gentlemen stated that the sales team has a "Can Do Attitude" and he felt "Confidence" that he made the right choice and would benefit from retrofitting the plasma machine. He also stated that he felt extremely confidante with MachMotion because of the amount of Videos, Documentation, and the look and feel of the website.

*Bonus did you know: 78% of customers have bailed on a purchase because of poor service. 70% of buyers habits are based on how the customer is treated by the company.

Back Home

I've been given feedback time and time again by consumers that have purchased Retrofit kits, their decisions have solely been based on MachMotion sales team having a "Can Do Attitude" and knowledge which bring their customers confidence in their purchase. I have also hear that MachMotion's website is easy to navigate, has large numbers of educational videos and documentation, giving the customer confidence in their retrofit purchase.

*Bonus did you know: It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.


Customers seem to feel the most conformable purchasing a retrofit kit having all of the information available to them prior to the purchasing of the kit. It seems that a lot of MachMotion competitors do not supply enough “easy to understand” details about their products, this can make the buyer skeptical and have feeling of uncertainty.

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