Don't Scrap a Mechanically-Sound Machine!

Don't Scrap a Mechanically-Sound Machine!

When the controls went bad on their AMW large gantry surface grinder and they couldn’t get support or replacement parts from the original manufacturer, HF Rubber was at a crossroads. They had a mechanically-sound machine with an incredible capacity, but without reliable controls, how could they keep production going?

Knowing that a new or rebuilt machine could easily be a six-figure investment, they reached out to MachMotion for a more affordable option. We performed a machine inspection and gathered technical information for a control upgrade quote. After discussing the application and getting a concrete understanding of HF Rubber’s manufacturing needs, we decided to do a full turnkey installation.

We built all the motor mounts and brackets, finished all the engineering and prewired an electrical enclosure in the MachMotion shop. When we went onsite, we were able to quickly and efficiently mount up all the components for the control upgrade and provide the most cost-effective solution for this beast of a machine.

By upgrading their control with MachMotion, HF Rubber was able to keep the capacity of their machine, with all the fixtures and tooling they were familiar with, and upgrade all the electrical systems with a rock-solid control that has FREE support for life.

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