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  •  "I cannot believe the quality I am getting for the price."

  •  "Dave, we're in the process of developing a new machine. We are definitely building our machine around your control system and expect that we will sell 100 systems just this year!"

  •  "For 4 years, I have been looking for a Cool, Sexy, and Curvy Industrial PC like yours. Where have you been?"

  •  "The products that you offer are going to open up a whole new market for us. They are PC-based, compact and easy to install."

  •  "We are tired of paying the high cost to maintain our proprietary controls. I am going to buy a MachMotion control because their parts are not proprietary."


I am currently using MachMotion controls for a lathe, a mill, and a router. On my router I"m using a PLC to control 4 spindle motors. I love the controllers. Before 2010 I had never run a CNC control. It was much easier to run a CNC control than I thought. I'm always discovering new features. MachMotion controllers use a good software. Also, I was impressed with how easy it was to setup. I love being able to configure my control however I want it. I would definitely recommend MachMotion to anyone, I also plan to buy more controllers in the future. I really appreciate what the guys at MachMotion have enabled me to do!

Phillip Willis


Dear Mach Motion,

I just wanted to write to let you know how much I like my new X15-250 controller. After the old anilam control on my 3 axes milling machine bit the dust, I looked high and low for an affordable alternative to all the high priced units out there. As a small shop owner, I simply could not justify spending $10,000-$15,000 on a control. Your system was by far the best option I found, it works good , it's easy to use, and best of all it makes me money!

Thanks Again,
Jordon Lepich


After searching high and low, I fell onto MachMotion. Having already built my own CNC Lathe and successfully run it with a Desk Top, I was struggling along and entertaining adding an MPG. What I was using was a bunch of cables and a bulky screen as well as a keyboard and mouse failing in every direction. MachMotion had it all in one Turn key tidy unit.

Making contact with them, I immediately ordered my first unit. Weeks later I was so impressed I ordered a second unit. Then a third, now the fourth, and ongoing units to come my way are in the development.

Bang for your Buck. Money well spent. I am so pleased, I would recommend any one to buy their products. The support is impeccable as well as clean and concise. The new development coming soon, is a sure success for us users. MachMotion listens to us and moves forward. I can assure that the last order is really not my last order. It is the fourth of many more.

Any one wishing to contact me could certainly make a call or send me an email. To date, One CNC Lathe completed, One CNC Mill 98% completed One Conversion of my Sherline Mill and lathe Completed. Recently started the project of a 11,000 lbs. Lathe with a 14" chuck 10 Hp 3PH 108" between centers.

MachMotion will be very much a part of this project. Only because they Care and they Deliver.

Westley Chagnon


Thank U very much. Yes we received the control in very good order on Friday morning. We thank U for your prompt service & for keeping in touch with us. We definitely will be recommending U to our Clients & plse feel free to use our Company name for any referrals U may require.
Once again thanks & best regards

Stephen Howell
CH Tooling & Engineering P/L



I just got the retrofit kit in on Friday and opened it today. Wow what a great job of packing! Everything was packed in blow-in foam and shrink wrapped securely to the skid. I also like how neat the drive enclosure is. A tight fit with 5 drives, but good spacing according to Misubishi install manual. I need to do the design & build of mounting hardware now so it will be a few weeks before we are ready to fire it up. Thanks again for great service! 

Barry Bridgeford
On-Target Grinding


Thanks for the help with the upgrade I recently had the opportunity to do this month, it was a success and I do thank you for the determination to help with the dead line I had on this job. MachMotion really came through!

Phillip D Johnson
Johnson's Electronics
Lincolnton, GA

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