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Drive and Motor Compatibility

To determine if your drives and motors are compatible with MachMotion's CNC Controls, you first need to determine what type of drives are used.

There are four basic motor control technologies used in the CNC world.

  1. Stepper Drives & Motors
  2. Analog AC Servo Drives & Motors (+-10V is sent to the drive which controls the motor position)
  3. Digital AC Servo Drives & Motors (a step and direction signal is sent to the drive which controls the motor position)
  4. Variable Frequency Drives & AC motors (Used for spindles. 0-10V is sent to the drive to control the motor speed )

Stepper Drive & Motor

Stepper drive & motor have been out for ever and are on a lot of older small to medium sized machines. All Bridgeport Mills series 1 & 2 where built with stepper motors so if your Bridgeport mill has it original motors they are stepper motors. If you do not know if your motors are stepper motors you will need to try to find a model number or send us some pictures of the machine and of the drives and motors and we can help you figure it out. Stepper drives take a digital signal (step and direction) so any of our digital CNC controls will work. Most of the time we suggest to replace your old stepper drives with our stepper drives. This is the most cost effective way to retrofit a machine.

Analog AC Servo Drive & Motor 

Analog AC Servo Drive & Motor is an old but reliable control technology. A +-10 voltage is sent from a Control to the drive which keeps the motor in position. Many old and new machines have these drives and motors. If you don't know what type of signal your drives take you will need to find the drive manufacture and model number and either call the manufacture or look it up online. We can help you figure this out if needed. For most small to medium machines we suggest replacing your old analog drives and motors with our AC digital drives and motors because of the cost to upgrade the control to run them and the difficulty in setup and tuning, although we do have a CNC Control for them. Call for more details.

Digital AC Servo Drive & Motor 

Digital AC Servo Drive & Motor is a newer technology but very reliable and easy to set up. All the servo drives and motors we sell are digital. If you have digital drives and motors you will need to find a wiring diagram for them. Our controls put out both a differential and standard digital signal. These drive are easy to set up and cutting edge technology.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's / Inverters) 

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's / Inverters) are used to control AC spindle motors. We sell standard VFD's and a VFD with a index control for tool changers. Call for more details.