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3 HP Variable Frequency Drive

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Spindle Drive (VFD) 3HP 10A (FR-D720S-100-NA KIT)

FR-D720S-100-NA KIT

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Note: Mitsubishi pricing applies only if you purchase a MachMotion Control. Call for pricing.

3HP Mitsubishi Spindle Drive for lathe and milling machine spindles with fuses, fuse holders, and resistor

3HP Mitsubishi Variable Frequency Drive for lathes and milling machine spindles.

High quality Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) also known as a Frequency Inverter for controlling spindle motors on lathes, and mills, and many other machines. We pre-program these drives with some basic parameters to make it easier to use with Mach Software.

This drive is controlled through Mach software with the 0-10V output and relay FWD command and relay REV command.

*Note the picture may not be of the actual drive.

*NOTE: This price is only for those who have purchased one of our controls. Call for pricing if you want to buy the VFD alone.

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VFD Manufacture Mitsubishi
Part Number FR-D720S-100-NA KIT
Applicable Motor Output Capacity *1 3HP (2.2 kW)
Rated Output Capacity (kVA) *2 4.0
Rated Output Current (A) 10.0
Overload Output Current Rating *3 150% 60s, 200% 0.5s (inverse-time characteristics)
Output Voltage *4 Three-Phase 200VAC to 240VAC
Rated Input Voltage/Frequency Single-Phase 200VAC to 240VAC 50Hz/60Hz
Permissible Voltage Fluctuation 170V to 264V 50Hz/60Hz
Permissible Frequency Fluctuation ±5%
Power Supply Capacity (kVA) *5 5.2
Weight 4.41 LBS
VFD Specifications *1 The applicable motor capacity indicated is the maximum capacity applicable for use of the Mitsubishi 4-pole standard motor.
*2 The rated output capacity indicated assumes that the output voltage is 230V..
*3 The % value of the overload current rating indicated is the ratio of the overload current to the inverter's rated output current. For repeated duty, allow time for the inverter and motor to return to or below the temperatures under 100% load.
*4 The maximum output voltage does not exceed the power supply voltage. The maximum output voltage can be changed within the setting range. However, the pulse voltage value of the inverter output side voltage remains unchanged at about that of the power supply.
*5 The power supply capacity varies with the value of the power supply side inverter impedance (including those of the input reactor and cables).

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Mitsubishi VFD Installation Guide
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