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Custom Digital CNC Control with Teco AC Servos


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Quick Overview

A Revolution in Custom CNC Automation

For years, the CNC motion control industry has forced machine manufacturers to do things backwards. First you had to shop around for a motion control system with limited features and then go build your machine around it.

At MachMotion, we’ve now reversed that. We make it possible for you to build your machine EXACTLY the way you want… and then get an affordable, customized control system with the features needed to automate your custom built machine!

  • Open Architecture software & hardware
  • Configured to work with manufacturers including Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, TECO AC Servos, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Automation Direct PLCs and many others
  • User-friendly, interactive software that’s simple enough to be run by entry-level operators
  • Ability to program up to 6 Axis coordinated motion with CSV/Excel Sheet, G-Code and/or powerful Macro Programming

MachMotion Has Provided Customized Control Solution’s for the following Types of Automated Machines
  • Milling Machine
  • Lathes/Turning
  • Router
  • Plasma & Oxy Fuel
  • WaterJet
  • OD/ID, Centerless and Surface Grinders
  • Tube bender
  • Foam wire Cutting
  • Pipe Coping
  • Press Brake
  • Metal Spinning Lathes
  • Glue/material dispensers
  • Liquid dispensing machines
  • Personnel door manufacturing machines
  • Wood turning machines
  • Metal cutting saws
  • 4 Axis glass cutting machines
  • Architectural Glass grinding machine
  • Stone cutting machines
  • Weld fixture machine
  • Material positioners
  • Metal extrusions machine
  • Automatic weld Positioners
  • Cnc Welding Machines
  • Polygon Turning/Grinding
  • Gantry Type Machines
  • Custom tool grinding machines
  • Knife/Serrated edge grinders
  • Compactor machine
  • Part engraving machines
  • Automated tile Cutting machine
  • Laser belt cutting
  • PCB drill machine
  • Tangential Knife cutting
  • Your Automated Machine

Read our Control Overview, Features, Software, Below.

Customizable open architecture software options: NOT Limited, Call to discuss your applications

Talk to our Sales Engineers at 573-368-7399. Ask one of our Sales Engineers to call or email you.

A Revolution in Custom CNC Automation

For years, the CNC motion control industry has forced machine manufacturers to do things backwards. First you had to shop around for a motion control system with limited features. Then you had to build your machine around the control you found.

But what if you could start by building your machine EXACTLY the way you want … and then get a control system customized, at an affordable price, with the features needed to automate your custom built machine?

With advancements in software technology and MachMotion’s engineering excellence, we now make that possible!

Our team is here to help and listen (and even assist with engineering advice when requested) to provide you with flexible and affordable CNC automation solution custom engineered for virtually any machine and manufacturing process. Our solutions bridge the gap between PLC motion control and conversational, user friendly CNC control systems.

(By the way, a common concern that general Motion Control and Automation companies have is a lack of familiarity with G&M-Codes. Don’t worry! Even though all our CNC Controls run G-code, in custom applications you’ll generally never see code or have to work with it. The G-code files are being run behind the scenes with a custom screen on the front end.)

Are you an OEM or Integrator? We can work with you to help you serve your customers better. We’re a one stop shop for OEMs/Integrators and offer flexible solutions that let you adapt to any job that comes through the door. If you’d like to find out how we can help you be even more valuable to your customers, give us a call at 573-368-7399.

MachMotion Build-A-Quote

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Digital CNC Control (Closed Loop) X15-250-A3

Standard Control Hardware Includes

  • CNC Control with Large 17” Display (Optional Touch Screen)
  • Rugged Steel CNC Control Interface, Liquid & Dust Resistant
  • X15-10-0 Operator panel includes Jog and Cycle-Start/Stop buttons, E-Stop and Feed Rate Override switches
  • Pull Out/Hide away keyboard, utilizes an “indestructible” key pad can be stowed away while machining, to keep protect from hot chips or coolant.
  • Solid State Hard Drive Vibration & Shock protected
  • Easy to use Mach3 control software
  • 6 Axis Apollo III Ethernet motion control
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Software pre-Installed
  • 1 Year warranty on all components
  • Free lifetime support
  • (Optional-Pick-Your-Servo MFG) YASKAWA, MITSUBISHI, TECO AC Servos. Steppers are also available.

Watch Control Overview video: Watch video

Digital CNC Control Highlights:

  • Real time” virtual tool path display
  • Easy to use windows style navigation
  • Canned Cycle Part Programming options available
  • 4th, 5th and 6th Axis capability standard
  • High resolution and positional accuracy
  • Virtually unlimited file storage
  • Part File Import: Network access via Ethernet, to offices/other departments
  • USB port: Easily accessible USB can be used to upload files and/or backup your control

Digital Teco Control Cable with Feedback

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Custom Control Features and Highlights:
  • Large 17” LCD screens are standard along with Optional Touch screen
  • Easy to use windows style navigation
  • Operator panel includes Jog and Cycle-Start/Stop buttons, E-Stop and Feed Rate Override switches
  • Flip out keyboard has an “indestructible” key pad that can be stowed or locked away while idle.
  • Configurable operator screens
  • Configurable user interface with all standard functions
  • Conversational Programming options designed to your specs
  • Private label, Customizable Logo, Company Name into screen design. (Branding)
  • Private Label control systems and operator screens are available, Including Customizable logos
  • Open architecture software using Mach3, Coming Soon Mach4
  • Easy to program 6 Axis Coordinated Motion
  • Predefined Homing Routine can be enabled with one mouse click
  • Easy to tune Independent Axis Acceleration/Deceleration
  • Solid state hard drive
  • Unlimited Part file storage
  • Ethernet and USB port for Easy Part File down Load
  • Ethernet Based Motion Controller, Digital or +/-10V Analog options available (Closed Loop)
  • Quick select user buttons (Optional)
  • Standard G&M code programming capability including, 253 Work/fixture offsets and more.
  • User Configurable M-Codes assigned to Macro or output
  • CSV Text Data file (Excel type). (Optional)
  • Cloud Data base
  • Bar code Scanner Input (Optional)
  • Part Queue (Optional)
  • Teach Modes (Optional)

Standard CNC Control Functionality
  • Visual G&M-Code Display
  • 3D Contouring
  • 253 Work/fixture offsets
  • 4th, 5th and 6th Axis capability
  • Subroutine and Macro programming
  • Fast block processing time
  • 6 Axis

Part File Import
  • Ethernet: Standard Windows Ethernet port for networking to offices/other departments.
  • USB: Easily accessible USB port use to upload Part files and/or backup your control

Support and Control Installation
  • “Log Me In” support via the internet, which simplifies setup and diagnosis, and also enables our technicians to monitor our control systems in real time
  • Free Life time support
  • Free Phone and “Log Me In” Installation support
  • 1 year warranty on all components

Custom Control software
  • Customized software Options: Call for Pricing

Controls Hardware Options
  • Hardware:
    • Touch screen 17”
    • Hand Held Pendant with MPG
    • Pre-Wired Electrical Industrial Drive Enclosure: Built to Custom Spec.
    • Bar-Code Scanner
  • Control Modes:
    • Analog Servo drive (+/-10V) AC Servo, Hydraulic Servo Valves. (Closed Loop)
    • Digital Differential Step & Direction (Closed Loop)
    • Ethercat: Coming Soon!
  • AC Servos options MachMotion commonly provides:
    • Yaskawa AC servos
    • Mitubishi AC Servos
    • Teco AC Servos
    • Stepper motors
    • Your Favorite Ac Servos manufacturer
  • PLC Options:
    • Automation Direct
    • Siemens
    • Allen Bradley: Coming soon!
    • Your favorite PLC Manufacturer
  • Portable Field Applications
    • Rugged Panasonic Tough book can be used as CNC control, Water resistant, Can be dropped from 10Ft.

Below are some of the Software options that can be configured for your Custom Machine. We have many happy customers using User friendly Software options.

Customizable open architecture software example options: NOT Limited, Call to discuss your applications

  1. Configurable operator screen, Multi named buttons, Graphic Layout to give the operator a User Friendly experience, Along with Specified company Logo and Name designed into screen.(Branding)
  2. Option 1: Conversational Programing Design to Customer specs. Operator enters Dimensional/ (Distant) info.
  3. Option 2: Conversational Programming Design to Customer specs
    1. Entry level operator will select,
    2. Circle, Square, Slot, Ellipse, Your Custom shape.
    3. Define Center of part or left or right
    4. Cutout Spacing or distance multiple holes.
    5. Verify Part looks correct in wire frame display.
    6. Cycle machine.
  4. CSV (Excel) Data downloaded into Custom control to produce the Desired coordinated motion.
  5. Powerful VB Macros programmed. (Uses) Machine Sequences and I/O control
  6. Cloud Data base interface. Pulling Motion profiles or (Cut List) from a Cloud
  7. Unlimited Configurable M-Codes can be assigned to start a Macro or control outputs.
  8. Flexibility to switch between Standard G&M-code and CSV, or readable Text data file (Excel) at any time
  9. Option 1: Bar Code scanner Input. Automatically loads existing Motion Sequence (Cut List) into Control
  10. Option 2: Bar code is scanned, Dimensional data from scan loads in to Control, Starts Motion Sequence.
  11. Part Queue. Operator can scroll though Jobs and pick the order to cut.
  12. Teach Modes. Teach Modes are used to memorize motion profiles and sequences. Unlimited amount of memory space.
  13. Customized Digitizing
  14. 10 Quick select user buttons on main operator screen programmed to automatically load the top 10 most popular Parts/Jobs.
  15. Customized DXF file input

View below examples of customized operator screens solutions that some of our customers are using today.

Company: One of the Largest Sliding Garage Door Manufacturers in the U.S.

Application: Routing Window Cutouts in Garage Doors

Original Hardware: Multi-Cam Model 5000, 5’X30’FT, 3 Axis CNC Router with Automatic Part Loading Conveyer system

Company: An OEM Specializing in Custom Automated Machines

Application: Route out round and rectangular cutouts in trusses and walls for wiring and plumbing

Original Hardware: 2ft x 2ft 2-Axis CNC Router on a production line.

Company: A Large Structural Steel Fabrication Company

Application: Retrofit a unique 3-Axis Oxy/Fuel Pipe Coping Machine with a 2”-20” Structural Heavy Wall Pipe & Tube capacity

Original Hardware

  • 3-Axis Oxy/Fuel Pipe Coping Machine
  • Delta Tau Control Card

Company: A Manufacturer of Burr Grinding Tools

Application: 5-Axis Tool Grinding

Original Hardware: 5 Axis Burr Tool Grinder

Company: A Large Plastic Processing Company

Application: 4-Axis custom made plastic Grinding machine

Original Hardware: A generic Anilam CNC Mill control

Company: A Global company that specializes in solutions for the Power Generation, Oil and Gas and Aero industries

Application: Portable CNC Machining, 3ftH X 2ft Wide 2 ½ft Deep

Original Hardware: Proprietary CNC Control system for 4 Axis portable milling machine

Configured Price No
This Control Includes
CNC Control Size 24" (W) X 15.5" (H) X 6.5" (D)
Operating System Windows® 7 (Windows PRO Optional)
Power Supplies 300 Watt PC Power Supply & 30 Watt 24VDC Supply
Power Requirements 110-240 VAC Operation
Power Cord 3' Power Cable
Keyboard Waterproof, impervious to most anything including coffee and cleaning solutions.
Mouse Trackball
Ethernet Connect to your network and easily transfer files from the office to your control
USB Ports 1 External USB Port + 1 Internal Click here for a picture of the external USB.
Screen Size 17" LCD Monitor, Resolution: 1280 x 1024 (Touch Screen Optional)
Max Resolution 1280 x 1024
Drives Supported Digital Servo & Stepper
Operator Panel X15-10-01 Operator Panel, with Jog Buttons, Axis Selector, Increment Selector, Jog Speed Selector, Cycle Start, Feed-hold and Emergency Stop Buttons, Pendant Connector.
Axis 1-6 Axis Control with Full Encoder Feedback
Available Power Supply Outputs No
Analog Outputs 1: 0-10Volt DC
Digital Relay Outputs No
Digital Outputs 8: (Expandable)
Digital Output Voltage Range 7V-48VDC
Digital Inputs 16 (Expandable)
Digital Input Voltage Range 2.5V-48VDC
Spindle Analog Output 0-10V DC Analog with Spindle Feedback (Encoder)
Spindle Relay Outputs 2: Clockwise, Counterclockwise
Safety Features Opto-isolated I/O & Hardwired E-Stop
Charge Pump Output No
Extra MPG (hand wheel) inputs 2: (hand wheel) Encoder inputs
Machine Type No
Encoder Inputs 7: Differential 5VDC Quadrature

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