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CNC Router Control Retrofit/Upgrade Kit with Yaskawa Servo Drives & Motors


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Quick Overview

The Yaskawa router kit by default comes with 4 Yaskawa AC brushless servo drives and motors. The Yaskawa drives offer an economical option for your machine. In addition, the default kit comes with the Ultimate Screen and a mounting arm.

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Router Kit
Our Yaskawa router kit offers a complete turn-key package for medium size routers, but can be customized to fit your needs for larger routers. This kit includes a CNC control, up to 6 Yaskawa AC brushless servo drives and motors, a mounting arm, an optional hand held pendant, and an optional electrical enclosure, among other options. If you are retrofitting a CNC router or building a new one, this is the kit for you. If you need any help customizing this kit or picking out what size of motors you need for your machine, feel free to give us a call.
Digital CNC Control
Our control is preconfigured with standard parameters for a router, making it much easier to setup our controls.
Operating System & Software
Our control has the Microsoft Windows operating system and the state of the art Mach3 CNC control software. The Mach3 software has a 3D tool path display. This kit includes our Ultimate Screen. Being Windows based, anyone with basic computer skills can learn how to use our CNC controls.
Unique Features
Some unique features of our control include virtually unlimited file storage space (100GB or 102,400 MB), a flip-out keyboard that you can hide away when not in use, an Ethernet port so you can connect it to your network and transfer files from your office, and an external USB port which you can also use to move your files with a USB Flash Drive.
Our controls accept standard Fanuc style G-code programming. You will need a program to convert your DXF files into G-code. You can use a Fanuc post-processor or many Cad Cam programs are now making post-processors for Mach3. Our controls also include many conversational programming functions.
It is easy to change settings on our controls, add more inputs/outputs, axes, and many other settings. Our controls also come with a screen editor, so you can edit any of the standard screens. Our controls are being used in many custom applications every day.
All PC parts used in our controls are non-proprietary and can be purchased at local suppliers for your convenience.
All of our kits come with a full 1 year warranty. Each system is tested thoroughly before shipment.
Drives and Motors
You can add up to 6 Yaskawa AC brushless servo drives and motors.


Inputs/Outputs (I/O) Description
6 Axis Axes: X Axis, Y Axis, Z Axis, A Axis, B Axis, C Axis
8 Outputs Flood/Mist, Coolant, Lamp, etc.
16 Inputs X, Y, & Z Limit Switches, Oilier Refill Warning, etc.
2 Spindle Relay Outputs 1 Clockwise, 1 Counterclockwise (2 Amp)
1 Spindle Analog Output Analog Output 0-10V for Spindle Speed Control
Expandable I/O Card* Unlimited I/O for Advanced Options or Tool Changers

MachMotion Build-A-Quote

Use Build-A-Quote to configure and price any MachMotion control kit. See every available CNC control option and pricing. You can add to cart and email the quote or print it for later use.

Digital CNC Control (Closed Loop) X15-250-A3

Standard Control Hardware Includes

  • CNC Control with Large 17” Display (Optional Touch Screen)
  • Rugged Steel CNC Control Interface, Liquid & Dust Resistant
  • X15-10-0 Operator panel includes Jog and Cycle-Start/Stop buttons, E-Stop and Feed Rate Override switches
  • Pull Out/Hide away keyboard, utilizes an “indestructible” key pad can be stowed away while machining, to keep protect from hot chips or coolant.
  • Solid State Hard Drive Vibration & Shock protected
  • Easy to use Mach3 control software
  • 6 Axis Apollo III Ethernet motion control
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Software pre-Installed
  • 1 Year warranty on all components
  • Free lifetime support
  • (Optional-Pick-Your-Servo MFG) YASKAWA, MITSUBISHI, TECO AC Servos. Steppers are also available.

Watch Control Overview video: Watch video

Digital CNC Control Highlights:

  • Real time” virtual tool path display
  • Easy to use windows style navigation
  • Canned Cycle Part Programming options available
  • 4th, 5th and 6th Axis capability standard
  • High resolution and positional accuracy
  • Virtually unlimited file storage
  • Part File Import: Network access via Ethernet, to offices/other departments
  • USB port: Easily accessible USB can be used to upload files and/or backup your control

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Mach3 CNC Control Software Features
Visual G-code and tool path display   Multiple relay control (flood, mist coolant, exc.)
Unlimited program size   Backlash axes compensation
Customizable (Write your own macro's with VB for extra control and design custom screens)   Lead Screw axis mapping compensation
Fast block processing time   No physical PLC or Ladder Logic necessary
Point and click Mid-program start feature   Maintenance Statistics
Look-ahead continuous contouring for fast 2D and 3D contouring   Graphical toggle switches, indicator lights, multi-function knobs and numeric displays
Includes multiple wizards. (Wizards are like conversational programming)   Interactive diagnostic watch windows for all digital I/O, and axis positions
Standard canned cycles for drilling, pecking and boring   Absolute, Incremental, Distance yet to go readouts
MDI & G-code input   Feed hold
Configurable M codes   Exact stop checking and smoothing
Speed/Feed automatic calculator   Decelerated stops when you want them (M1 Stop)
253 Work/fixture offsets   Set up a master and slave axis union
253 Tool offsets   Inch and millimeter mode
G40, G41, G42 Tool comp.   Teach or digitize
Spindle speed control   Video display of machine *optional

MachMotion Ultimate Screen

The Ultimate Screen was developed by MachMotion to give our customers an easy to use customizable interface that is expandable to 6 axes. Below is a list of the highlighted features of the Ultimate Screen.

    - Large buttons for touchscreen compatibility. Includes an onscreen keyboard.
    - User buttons with on-press and on-release programming options and built in user LEDs.
    - Buttons like Homing, Zeroing, and Goto are all fully customizable for special applications.
    - Built in Job Queue option so you can run multiple programs in a row.
    - Password protection for all the machine settings.

Click below on the screen to navigate through a live preview. Note that some features are disabled.


Basic Router Screen

These are pictures of the default Mach3 Mill screens that come with all mill controls.

We also have customized screens. Please contact us for any special applications.

Configured Price No
This Control Includes No
CNC Control Size 24" (W) X 15.5" (H) X 6.5" (D)
Operating System Windows® 7 Embedded
Power Supplies 350 Watt Power Supply
Power Requirements 110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Cord 3' Power Cable
Keyboard Waterproof, impervious to most anything including coffee and cleaning solutions.
Mouse Trackball
Ethernet Connect to your network and easily transfer files from the office to your control
USB Ports 1 External USB Port + 1 Internal Click here for a picture of the external USB.
Screen Size 17" LCD Monitor, Resolution: 1280 x 1024 (Touch Screen Optional)
Max Resolution No
Drives Supported Digital Servo & Stepper
Operator Panel X15-10-01 Operator Panel, with Jog Buttons, Axis Selector, Increment Selector, Jog Speed Selector, Cycle Start, Feed-hold and Emergency Stop Buttons, Pendant Connector.
Axis 6 Axes: X Axis, Y Axis, Z Axis, A Axis, B Axis, C Axis
Available Power Supply Outputs 5VDC, 12VDC & 24VDC
Analog Outputs No
Digital Relay Outputs No
Digital Outputs 8 Flood/Mist, Coolant, Lamp, etc.
Digital Output Voltage Range 7V-48VDC Max Current output: 250ma
Digital Inputs 16 Example: X, Y, & Z Limit Switches, Oilier Refill Warning, etc.
Digital Input Voltage Range 2.5V-48VDC
Spindle Analog Output Analog Output 0-10V for Spindle Speed Control
Spindle Relay Outputs 1 Clockwise, 1 Counterclockwise
Safety Features Opto-isolated I/O & Hardwired E-Stop
Charge Pump Output No
Extra MPG (hand wheel) inputs 2
Machine Type Router
Encoder Inputs 6

CNC Router Control Retrofit Demo

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